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Ricoh Printer Support

Quick Ricoh printer support by certified technicians can be availed for instant printer setup & install. Step by step guide as per Ricoh printer customer service can be followed given over here for the installation of new/old Ricoh printer.

Ricoh Printer Customer Support

There are number of situations which can arise a question in the mind of printer user, and that can be answered by the Ricoh printer customer support only. Most of the printer users are not aware with the technical words and terms, and that is the reason that they failed to understand their device user manual too. From the proper setup & installation to upgrading of Ricoh printer latest drivers or software, thorough guidance can be availed from the experts of Ricoh printer customer support. Our technicians treat all Ricoh users equally, no matter they are new or old. Everyone wants to extend their device warranty period, but not aware how to do it. For them, Ricoh support team also take cares for this part of the service.

In short, a printer user can resolve any of the problem with their device by seeking help from Ricoh printer customer support. For the same you may call on Ricoh printer support number given on our website.

How to install Ricoh Printer?

How to install a Ricoh printer is very easy and quick process. In order to use a printer, your computer must have Ricoh printer software or driver installed in it. You also need to do few settings to make your computer understand that how to find a printer and what to print.

If you are using Windows 10 operating system in your computer, the below given steps on how to connect printer devices in Windows 10 OS can help you out.

  • Step 01- Read the instructions manual carefully which comes with the printer. This is important because some printers can be connected immediately, while for others you first need to install a software on your PC.
  • Step 02- Turn the power on of your PC and then follow amongst one of these options which ever suits as per your need.
    (1)- If your device is a Plug and Play printer, connect it and on its power; Windows will install it automatically.
    (2)- Insert the software CD that came with the printer and follow the on-screen appearing instructions. Choose the option Start→ Devices and Printers.
    (3)- If you want to install a wireless printer, choose the option Start→ Devices and Printers, and then click on the Add a Printer link in the message window that appears. Then choose to Add a Network, Wireless or Bluetooth Printer option, and proceed with the next instructions.
  • Step 03- If you have chosen the third option from Step 2, the “Devices and Printers” window will appear. And when a dialog box with “Add Printer” appears, just click on “Add a Printer” link from the top.
  • Step 04- After this in the “Add Printer” dialog box, click on “Add a Local Printer” option and click on “Next”.
  • Step 05- Just use the recommended port setting selected for you by the windows or click on the drop down arrow on the option “Use an Existing Port” field and select your desired port. Click on “Next”.
  • Step 06- Now you need to choose your printer and then select a printer. By doing this you will get two options:
    (1)- If you have the CD provided by the printer manufacturer, insert it in the CD room and click to play disk. And click on “Next”.
    (2)- If you don’t have CD provided by the printer manufacturer, click on the Windows Update button to find a list of printers (drivers) that you may download from the official Microsoft Website. Click on “Next”.
  • Step 07- In the next step enters a printer name in the dialog box. Click on “Next”. And at last click on “Finish” to successfully complete the Add Printer Wizard.

Ricoh Printer Customer Service

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