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Lexmark Printer Support

The tagline of Lexmark printers is that they provide higher performance at lower cost. Ever since its conception from IBM in 1991, the company has been doing just that with elegance and perfection. They are already a market leader in the printing business marching well ahead of their rivals.

The real reason behind the success of Lexmark printers is definitely due to their user-oriented product specification. However, there is an underlying contributor to the grand success of the company. The highly qualified Lexmark Printer Customer Support has proven to be the dark horse for the company. The company ensures that their customer care executives are there for full-time service of the customers.

Lexmark Printer Customer Support

To ensure customer satisfaction, the company has provided 24×7 Lexmark Printer toll-free number on their website. Any customer who is facing problem can call the Lexmark Printer Solution Number and get solutions to all of their problems- be it hardware or software.

The printers of Lexmark can be purchased online as well as through third parties. One should however carefully purchase the printer and select the one which is genuine and as per his requirement. Once you have purchased the printer, you can install it yourself following the instructions available on the company website.

How to install Lexmark Printer?

For the new-entrants into the digital world, here is how you can install your Lexmark printer on your computer:

  • Connect the power cables and make connections to the computer as instructed in the manual.
  • Switch on the power connections and open your computer and printer.
  • Close all your running applications on your computer, insert the CD provided with the printer and wait until the Lexmark Printer icon appears on your screen.
  • Once the icon appears, double-click on the icon and the Lexmark package installer appears on the screen.
  • Respond to the authentication notice and click on “Ok”.
  • Next, click on the introduction section where you have to click “Ok” to proceed to the “read me” files.
  • After the “read me” section, proceed to the license agreement section. Here, you have to select a default language and select “Agree” and then click on “Continue”.
  • Finally, choose a location to install your printer software and click on “install” to enter the world of Lexmark Printers.

Once you are done, you can register your device over the internet and print a test page to ensure proper installation of the printer. When you are done, select the “Finish” icon which indicates the completion of installation if the Printer.

It is advisable here, that, besides the option of installation through CD, one can also download software drivers available on the official website of the company. Simply navigate to “drivers and downloads section” and follow the instructions to get your Lexmark installed on your device.

Lexmark has also devised Universal Print Driver option available on its official site. The use of this service is that it instead of downloading software for different models of printers, this single software can be used for installing different models of Lexmark printers easily.

The Lexmark printers will make your life so much easier. However, in case you are facing some problems regarding installation of the printers or any other issue, simply get in touch with Lexmark printer customer service who should be able to help you. The following are the support you can expert from Lexmark printer support:

Lexmark Printer Customer Service

  • Any kind of problem with the installation of the printer. If the drivers are not installed properly or the CD is not responsive, simply ring their toll-free number provided above.
  • If the program becomes unresponsive, you can call the customer service support and get help.
  • Anytime during the running of your business, you find that your printer has become slow or it is heating-up, kindly ring the 24 hour- the active toll-free number of the CCOs and get solutions to your problems.
  • If there is an unnecessary paper jam in the printer or it is having spooling issues, simply ring the toll-free number.
  • The printer is causing a delay in the system and also degrading the print quality.
  • The printer is showing problems in starting up and getting shut-down.
  • They also provide support for cartridge issues .

Lexmark Printer Toll-free Number

If you are having any or all of the issues mentioned above, simply call the customer care executive who will solve your problems immediately. They have a robust team of young engineers with lots of printer repair background and experience. Their expertise also has a unique blend of engineers and technicians who are always ready to cater to all your needs.

The toll-free number allows the customers to get in touch with the tech support without any problem. Their team ensures that you would hardly worry about any complaint of Lexmark printer. Even if your problem is not listed above, the tech-support team is always ready to solve your problem.

So, you see that the market leaders in the arena not only sell their products but also keep a track of their customers support by paying heed to customers’ complaints and queries. Right from the beginning when you buy the printer they provide assistance to the customers which continue throughout the life of the printer. Be it the printer or its cartridge or any other accessories, simply dial the Lexmark printer customer support number and get it solved easily.

Keeping in mind that the customer is the king, Lexmark is always upgrading its services and making it more user-friendly for their customers. This makes it the most loved brand in the market. The amicable solutions provided the team is simply overwhelming.