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Brother Printer Support

Brother Printer Solutions - Brother Industries: The saga of Brother Industries started in 1908 when the company was established in Japan as Yasui Sewing Machine Company. Since then, the company expanded its business to embroidery works. The company saw a major turn when it directed its business into the imaging and print industry and there is no looking back after that. Today, this Japanese giant is a leading name in multifunctional printers, computers, sewing machines, large machine tools, fax printers and other computer peripherals.

The Brother Industries products are available online as well as offline through third parties. This has added to their availability to a wider range of public. Especially in the field of printers, Brother has earned special position owing to its wide range of products and user-friendly interface. Currently, they are the major stakeholders in the printing business and their business is surging even higher day-by-day.

Brother Printer Customer Service

There is one more aspect of why Brother Printers have gained fame in the world of digital imaging. The Brother Printer customer service is simply exceptional and their team of customer care executives is very courteous and polite in their approach to the customers. With a waiting time of less than a minute, the Brother Printer toll-free number is available to the customers on a 24×7 basis and they are well adept in solving your printing woes.

Brother Printer Customer Support

The installation and usage of Brother printer are much easier as compared to other printers. Even non-experienced people should be easily able to install these printers. In case of any problem, the customers can call the Brother Printer Support and get instant help. The process of installation is discussed separately in the article but before that, let us quickly go through the common services they provide via Brother Printer Support number:

  • Right from unboxing to installing, any problem that may arise.
  • Unable to install the software on your computer.
  • Unable to start the printer.
  • A computer is unable to map the printer with its devices and printers.
  • Unable to configure the printer with the computer.
  • Print quality is not up to the mark.
  • Paper jam problem with the printer.
  • The printer becomes unresponsive to commands.
  • Any hardware related issues of the printer.
  • Cartridge related issues of Brother Printer.
  • The Brother Printer is unable to make updates.
  • Wi-Fi connection related issues.
  • Printer breakdown issues.
  • Brother printer Duplex unit problems.
  • Problem with spooling of Brother printer.
  • The print of the printer is not of standard quality.
  • Various error codes and Laser diode issues of Brother Printers.
  • Brother printer not being able to print web pages.

Well, these were the main problems that people face with Brother Printers and these problems are easily sorted out by calling on Brother printer customer support any time you face them. The Brother Printer toll-free number is available on the website and their technical support team is well versed with all major and minor problems of their printers.

Now, let us just see how one can easily install their Brother Printer themselves on windows following these useful steps. However, this process is only for Windows 8 and above which has inbuilt drivers for Brother Printers.

  • Connect the Brother Printer to your machine with a USB cable.
  • The in-built drivers will be installed automatically and when they are finished, your Printer is ready to use.

For Windows 7 and its older editions, you will have to install the drivers with the CD provided in the box or through online mode. The online mode involves installation of drivers from the official website of the company.

However, if you are planning to install the drivers via the network connection, then you have to follow these instructions:

  • Open your computers control panel.
  • Click on “Hardware and Sound” and then proceed to click “ Devices and Printers”.
  • Click on “Add a printer”.
  • Select the Model number of your Brother Printer and then click “next”. ( If your printer is not listed, you may have to update your windows printers list which takes a few minutes to get updated. If you still can’t do it, call the Brother Printer Customer support number).
  • Choose your desired printer sharing option and then click on “next”.
  • In the final step, you have to click “Finish” and this indicates the successful completion of your installation.
  • Print a test page to confirm the proper installation of your Brother Printer.

For Macintosh users, there is a separate process which can be followed as per directions available on this website. Besides that, in case you don’t have a software CD with you, you can directly download the drivers and software from the Brother Printer support website and install them following the instructions as provided.

Brother Printer Support Number

So, those were the common methods of installing Brother Printers on your various Windows versions and there is also the provision of online drivers installation. However, as the case may be, you are stuck in any of the above steps, feel free to call the 24×7 Brother Printer customer support toll-free number. The technical support team will help you in their installation and proper functioning. You can also seek Brother printer customer support number when your machine does not act as per instructions or it becomes unresponsive.

The customer care executives of Brother printers have deep knowledge of printing problems and they usually solve major problems within minutes of your call. The customer support services are so supportive that, indeed, they live their companies tagline “Brother at your side” in true spirit.